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Kategorie: Brickor

  • Oval Serving Tray on Stand Mother of Pearl
  • Square Tray Table Malaysian
  • Round Tray Oriental
  • Bedside Table Timberwolf with Tray
  • Hexagonal Serving Tray Oriental
  • Serving Tray Oriental
  • Oval Serving Tray Elliptical
  • Oval Tray with Brass Satin
  • Oval Tray with Brass High Lustre
  • Oval Serving Tray Art Deco
  • Oval Tray Art Deco Lustre
  • Round Serving Tray Art Deco
  • Letter Tray Victorian with Drawer
  • Letter Tray Victorian with Drawer
  • Serving Tray Interlaced
  • Serving Tray Regency Scalloped